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Short description
Purpose The electronic equivalent of notebook or paper notepad
Current version 2.5
Release date December 31, 2004
Supported OS Windows 98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP
Supported languages english, russian
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Price $ 30.00
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  • Creating notes like popup windows;
  • Managing notes (changing notes' parameters, removing notes);
  • Storing notes in database on the hard disk;
  • Using different profiles to show notes in another views;
  • Managing and storing profiles in database;
  • Automatic remind about created notes;
  • Managing notes' request time;
  • Showing notes always on top;
  • Creating notes with animated effects (notes' blinking, sound accompaniment);
  • Easy moving notes using drag-and-drop operation;
  • Temporary concealment notes from desktop;
  • Showing earlier hidden notes;
  • Arranging notes on the desktop;
  • Automatically start up "Electronic stick-notes" every time Windows™ is started;
  • Working different users with one copy of "Electronic stick-notes" on the computer.

What's new?

  • Improved program's interface;
  • Added opportunity to use hot keys for creation new notes;
  • Added opportunity to show hints in dialogs;
  • Added opportunity to postpone notes to the next period;
  • Added opportunity to import information from early versions of "Electronic stick-notes".


"Electronic stick-notes" is the electronic equivalent of notebook or paper notepad. You can use it for writing questions, your ideas, reminders and all others things you usually write in notebook. It can also store information that will be used in future.
"Electronic stick-notes" can store your information in database and remind of events you planned.

General conception of using notes is the following. At the beginning, you need to create new profile that you can use in future. Profile is a set of parameters. It uses for description every created note. For every profile, you can set different parameters. For example, note's title, background color, text color, time to reminda about a note, etc.
When you create new note you need only choose created profile. This idea allows you to save your time and make creating note simpler.

You can create a new note in the following dialog.

Creating new note dialog

As you can see to create a new note you need only choose appropriate profile, appoint a time for a note's activation and set your text. And no more.

Of course, you can create a new profile. It may be done in the following dialog. Here you can define how your notes will look like.

Interface Tab of creating new profile dialog

Below you can see how to set parameters of notes' remind.

Remind Tab of creating new profile dialog



You can download trial version of "Electronic stick-notes" from here.


"Electronic stick-notes" is not freeware. The trial version has restriction to the number of created notes. It can't be more than 5 notes at the same time. If you wish to remove restriction, you must register

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