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Short description
Purpose Quick launch files that had been opened earlier
Current version 1.6
Release date June 21, 2005
Supported OS Windows 98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP
Supported languages english, russian
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Price $ 29.95
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  • Automatic or manual conducting the list of recently opened files.
  • Conducting a rating of files, according to frequency of their use.
  • Display in the list only most frequently used files, according to their rating.
  • Automatic updating information about recently open files in case of their physical copying, moving, renaming or removal.
  • Automatic creation groups for files according their extensions.
  • Automatic or manual conducting groups of files, according to their exptension.
  • Presence of the special groups used for storage information about:
    • Applications;
    • Folders;
    • Files which haven't been associated with any application;
    • Files determined by the user;
    • Seldom used files;
    • Files which should not be displayed in the list of recently open files.
  • Automatic or manual distribution of files on groups.
  • Automatic or manual conducting the list of applications which were used for opening the certain groups of files.
  • Adjusting of quantity of the files in certain groups.
  • Adjusting of presence's time of the files in certain groups.
  • Centralized launch of the files which are taking place in the list of recently open files.
  • Choosing applications which are using for opening files.
  • Display of the system information on the recently open files.
  • Display only those files which opened the current user.
  • Automatic launch of the program at each loading a computer.
  • Suspend of automatic addition of files in the list of recently open files.
  • The multilanguage program interface.
  • The multilanguage help system.

What's new?

  • Fixed some minor bugs;
  • Added opportunity to dispatch file by mail;
  • Added opportunity to record the minutes of opened files.


"Gnoseo QuickRun" is the application, that allows users to launch files that had been opened earlier.
The application automatically adds recently opened files in its internal list. Moreover every file has been given the rating. The rating depends on numbers of files' launches. The more launches of a file, the more its rating. Files that have the lowest rating automatically has been deleted from "Gnoseo QuickRun" internal list. So there are only frequently used files in "Gnoseo QuickRun" internal list. All files are united in groups according their extensions. In addition there are six predefined groups:
  • Applications - recently launched applications.
  • Folders - recently opened folders.
  • Other files - recently opened files that haven't been associated with any application.
  • User-defined files - files that have been choosen with user.
  • Wasted files - files that have been opened seldom.
  • Forbidden files - files that would not be shown in "Gnoseo QuickRun" list.

You can manage the program with main menu. It consists of two parts: static and dynamic. The static part of menu is represented by "Exit" item, "Help" item, "Manage" item and five predefined groups: "applications", "folders", "other files", "user files", "wasted files".

The dynamic part is formed automatically and its content will depend on which files had been opened by the user earlier. The group will be created automatically for each opened file's type.

To run any file from menu just click on it. A sample of menu is shown below.

Main menu

Popup menu appears at click by the right button of the mouse on menu item. The sample of the menu is shown below.

Popup menu

You can also manage program with the following dialog.

Files management dialog



You can download trial version of "Gnoseo QuickRun" from here.


Out product is not freeware. The trial version has restriction to the number of files in groups. It can't be more than 6 files in "Wasted files" group and more than 3 files in other groups at one time. If you wish to remove restriction, you must register

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